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Hafencity -Hamburg

The most spectacular facelift of the economic heart of the city in the third millennium is taking shape and has long been a major attraction for local people and tourists alike. Shortly befor his term of office ended in 1997, Mayor Henning Voscherau tabled plans for Hamburg s new HafenCity district that were drawn up on the initiativeof the city then Chief Planning, Egbert Kossak.

The Hafen City, or Port City, extrends from the Speicherstadt and the Norderelbe bridges on the northern fringe of the port.

It coincides with a development that Hamburgers have long dreamt of/ to live. Work and go out in the port, by the Elbe. One of our beautiful Lady`s from Top Models Escort Hamburg will explain all the interesting things to you. With a prime inner-city location, the HafenCity provides plentz of scope for the realization of attractive ideas.

This once-in-a-century project turned out to house the hottest and most expensive property in a city of LS million people and the HafenCity has made it even more attractive for millions of people in Hamburg s hinterland.

To live in the Hafen City district is considered to be most fashionable and working in one of the new office blocks is growing steadily more pleasant now that the infrastructure of shops, restaurants, galleries and a gaily coloured school is taking shape. The Marco Polo Terrassen, designed by Spanish architect Benedetta have given the area a Mediterrancan flair, best place to have a Drink with one of our high Class Escort Models from Top Escort.

The nearby cruiser terminal served by luxury liners from all over the world, headed by the Queen Mary 2, satisfies the desire for a sight to see, while people arriving I Hamburg on the Elbe from the west see not only the tower of the Michaelskirche but also the city s new landmark, the Elbphilharmomie concerts hall, highly controversial for its cost overruns. The wave of Glass on the heavy redblick base of a former cacoa warehouse now competes whit the Thousand windows of the Chilehaus.