The Speicherstadt, or Warenhouse City, was part of the free port until 2003.

It was built for purely mercantile reasons to store goods free of customs duty. Opened in 188 and still the largest warehouse complex on earth, it has retained its day. The warehouse thick redbrick walls guarantee zear-round, naturally air-conditioned, ideal storage for tea, coffee, spices, tobacco, wine and many other goods.

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Everyman between warehouse and fleet.

Apart from this practical use, the strange beauty of this city was discovered long ago. A cool, Nordic beauty which it owes to the traditional Hanseatic building material, red brick. To anyone strolling along the promenade from Cremon island to the Deichtorhallen, the Warehouse City looks like a castle. All our Models from Top Models Escort Hamburg can explain you all this historical and interesting thinks. The facade glow red in the sun, or at night loom like black cut-outs against the sky.

Crossing one of the bridges into the city of googs south of the Zollkanal, in calm weather you can see a mirror image of the warehouse reflected in the canal that were rebuilt when the buildings were erected.

Enthusiasts also rave about the play of shadows on the warehouse facades. Adventure culture – always in search of new, attractive event venues /has already taken over the Speicherplatz. A convincing forerunner was the performance here of the Hamburg Everyman, a free adaptation of the Saluburg mystery play by Hugo von Hofmannstal. The initiator of the play between the warehouse by the fleet was Mihael Batz.

Anyone who has walked with open eyes across the uneven cobbles of streets such as Neuer and Alter Wandrahm ,Dienerreihe. Hollaendischer Brook and St Annenufer will understand why the Speicherstadt has been used time and again as an enchanting film set. Nice to look together with one of our Models from Top Models Escort Hamburg

The Warehouse Citys neo historical architecture can be seen in all its glory in the headquarters of the Hamburger Hafen und logistic on St. Annen Fleet. On the left is the tower of St. Katharines Church.

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