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Meeting places -Escort Girl from Top Models

In the case of inquiries from customers to bookings, they sometimes ask them if the meeting can not take place in a place other than the booked hotel.

You would have booked a table in the restaurant and would like to give the beginning of the date so an atmospheric nuance.

Why not, we from Escort Hamburg and of course our Escort Ladies do not mind the slightest. The indication of the hotel takes place anyway in advance and the transmission of the room number takes place regularly after the check in the customer.
These dates usually have a longer booking period, usually when you go to dinner or other activities such as a visit to a musical or the like.

This can be done with a two-hour booking time difficult. In this case, the ladies usually have to change clothes and other “utensils”. Since these things can hardly be stowed away in the handbag, the ladies also have a small trolley or a similar container with them.

At Top Models Escort Service Hamburg, we always make the suggestion that this can be parked at the reception or that it is spent briefly on the customer’s room. Afterwards you can comfortably and together visit the chosen restaurant and enjoy dinner.

Enjoy the day with your sexy student

A topic comes up with bookings in the house Top Models Escort Hamburg in this form again and again on the table, how can one recognize oneself? The customer has a significant advantage because he will recognize the lady from the photos on her sedcard, despite the already thematized retouching of the face, in any case. Many gentlemen also state what they will wear exactly this

As experience shows, it is most convenient for both sides to meet at the appointed time, right in front of the restaurant in question. The advantage herein can also be easily explained.

Our ladies from Escort Hamburg are very reliable, but even with those may be due to bad traffic conditions once come to delays. It is also possible that the ladies arrive from outside and public transport does not meet the schedule.

But also the customers can meet again and again and they are in the embarrassment of being late. Business appointments have been postponed, the flight has been delayed and more.

Top Models Escort Hamburg is of course equipped for these cases and in all circumstances via the hotline immediately for the purpose of informing its customers. This can be done by phone, by SMS or of course by mail. We react immediately and inform the corresponding Top Models Escort Lady about it.

The meeting can also take place in the lobby, as some hotels include first class restaurants. All this can be arranged very easily and we at Top Models Escort Hamburg have a comprehensive routine in this respect

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