Top Models Agency- inner Alster in Hamburg

The Jungferstieg offers the delightful combination of a walk along the bank of the Alster with your Escort. Opens up an opportunity to promenade with a beautiful Girl on a high-class boulevard. The surface of the inner Alster, which so generously opens the city centre to the sky, gives Hamburg smost celebrated street its wide/open character.

Less than a kilometre long, the stretch between Gänsemakt and Ballindamm is a delightful place to be with a Hamburg escort girl of your dreams where respectable women go for a stroll after the Inner Alster was dammed in 2001. The resulting embankment planted with linden trees is simply a beauty. The Jungfernstrieg is the port city s most celebrated street but not is best-known or most popular. That rank is and will remain reserved for the word-famous Reeperbahn. You can spend your time there with a beautiful Hamburg escort lady.

But that is another chapter. Towards the end of the 1980 engineers burrowed through the earth under Jungferstieg like moles. A three-storeyed underground and suburban train station pours visitors into the city centre an out again. In the good old days of carriages, when the coachmen nodded off on their boxes as the ladies and gentlemen whiled the time away in the Alster Pavilion or the oyster bar, things were quieter on Jungfernstieg. Usually, that is. For as befits a respectable, if somewhat short, boulevard, the street also reflected every disturbance or disaster that struck the city.

Nowadays, the Alter Pavilion is once more Hamburg s most famous café. Maybe you want a drink there with a nice Hamburg escort lady? In is wonderful location by the Alter, where you can drink a cup of coffee as your gayer oms across the water to Lombardsbrucke, the building is like a crystallisation point of Jungferstieg s history. At the same time the history of Jungferstieg is partly a models for the development of the whole town. The ups and downs, rise and fall of this metropolis by the water are reflected in the fate of its boulevard and the network of streets around it Alsterarkaden, Ballindamm, Neuer Wall, Espanade and Mönckenbergerstrasse.


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